Uncategorized How to unflood an IAME X30 Engine?

How to unflood an IAME X30 Engine?


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@Los wrote:

Hi all,
New to this and new to karting. So I bought a Croc Promotion 175cc Shifter Kart. I broke in the engine two weeks ago. When i got it home I cleaned it up. and then was going t run the engine, and was having a hell of a time starting it. I did what i was told to do. I adjusted the low and high speed screws to the recommend position. I got it to the point where it coughed then died. I shot a video of my starting procedure. And when the seller heard it. He told me that it sounded flooded. Now I am very engine illiterate. I mean I know the basics. But trying to solve a flood engine is out of my realm. He suggested, “You can pull the plug out (not sure what plug he’s referring to, maybe spark Plug), put cap on it and ground to head bolt (Not sure of head bolt is or where) the spin rear tires in gear for about 10-15 seconds. This should push most of the fuel that’s sitting in the cylinder out. Then put the plug back in, and if you can have some help start it. Ty pushing with zero throttle for a while then half or even full throttle until you hear it trying to fire.” So as you can see my lack of knowledge on the Tillotson Carburettor. I don’t know how I’m flooding the engine. So if someone can please help.

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