Uncategorized Anyone using the new Prisma HiPreMa4 Tire Pressure/Temperature Gauges?

Anyone using the new Prisma HiPreMa4 Tire Pressure/Temperature Gauges?


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@kchatham wrote:

I was curious if anyone here is using these devices and what your experience has been so far? Link here.

I bought the one with the thermocouple pyrometer (HPM4+PYR2) and generally it works well, but I’ve had a few issues/bugs when using it that have been quite annoying. Things like the hot tire pressures not being displayed or the tire temperatures not being able to be recored. Has anyone else has had similar things happen?

Here are some photos showing the issues:

Pressure Display Errors:

Correct Pressure Display:

Top# is cold tire pressures, middle# is hot tire pressures, bottom# is the difference

Temperature Measurement Error:

To measure tire temperatures you press MEM when in temperature mode. Each time you press MEM, the T# (T12 shown here) increments and shows the measured value. Sometimes though when you go to measure the temperatures after a session there are already 12 values recorded, except you didn’t measure them. Here you can see T12:32˚F being display in the lower right of the display, indicating all 12 temperatures were recorded, and the last one measured at 32˚F. Except it was over 100˚F that day so virtually impossible, even with the pyrometer disconnected it doesn’t read 32˚F. Further, the image below shows that in memory where the values are stored, there are no values for that test, test 9.

Temperatures not in memory:

I do want to note that these issues aren’t consistent and happen randomly. I’ve emailed the company with photos/videos documenting these issues and a few others, but they are insisting it’s impossible to be having these issue… My options are to return the device for a refund or just deal with the issues. Either way I’m wondering if someone else has had these issues.

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