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been a sec since i have been on here. some of you might know but my grandfather was in love with karting. he started back in the 60’s. got out of it and then got back into it in the late 90’s. it was a bonding thing for him and i. he pasted away last year and left me a old jm racing kart. i was trying to get it up and running but he passed away befor i could. it is sitting in my garage and want to honor him but racing it one last time. witch brings me to my problum.

the brake system on it was all froze up. so i have got a replacement master cylinder and caliper for it and instaled them. i am still not getting anything out of it. i am getting fluid from the mater to the caliper but not action. the only thing i did not replace is the line. if anyone has a good idea to help me that would be great. thank you fro reading this.

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