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This has been somewhat discussed in other topics but is still without great info, hoping to correct that here.

I’m looking for some sort of general weight for some popular kart suits in pursuit of light weight with relatively little consideration for cost / value.

My current jeans and jacket getup are pretty darn light but I feel it’s time to move to a proper suit. Being a bigger guy who’s always working to make class min weight, weight of a suit is an important variable.

The only real data I’ve found is for Sparco suits. Their Grove KS-3. Being listed as 500-540 g/m2 al the way to their lightest, the x-light KS-7 being 380/400 g/m2.

I tried on some suits this past weekend but all they had was the entry level stuff from each manufacturer. My impressions.

K1 – super light, super cheap, could be as light as jeans / jacket in my opinion, but the lack of any stretch / flex material in the lower body was a no-go. As a short / fat guy that lifts weights a good bit I couldn’t get but about half way to a squat position before I felt like the suit was going to explode at the seams in the legs.

Aplinestars KMX 9 – Heavy in my opinion, not horrible but not light. Great flexibility / room in the lower body, flex panels really made the difference. Would love to know how much lighter their more expensive suits may or may not be.

Sparco Grove KS-3. This thing could anchor the titanic. Maybe you 140 lb dudes can wear this thing but I could never wear it on weight alone…not to mention I broke out in a sweat just trying this thing on its soo hot. Had good stretch / flexibility in the lower body that was acceptable but not as good as the alpine star. That said the rest of this suit fit me better.

I would have loved to look at an OMP but they didn’t have anything in my size to try on (54 or 56).

So my take away was that currently the sparco x-light seems like it could be the best / lightest option out there, but I’m curious if anyone knows how the top end OMP KS-1R and other suits compare in weight.


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